Sabtu, 18 Jun 2011

Bogel Menuju Tuhan Debut !


Teehee. it is Saturday. No meetings. No program to handle, yet. I wasted my Friday which was yesterday. And I am going to make a full use of today.

anyway, I was on the phone with Shah just now. He told me, he's at Astro. Preparing for Tari Menari. *  Lisa Surihani and Awal ? * faint *

Best of luck man !

Since 11 am, I was browsing through the web. finding materials for assignments. BEL and Mandarin. And watching some awesome videos. Not illicit stuff for sure ;)

and I found a new obsession. Wee. Alhamdulillah.

anyway Zahiril Adzim is launching his first ever book. According to Zahiril Adzim, his new title might be controversial but don't judge it book by its title.

Bogel Menuju Tuhan, 2011. Venue : Annexe, Central Market. 12 pm onwards.

I missed this. Heartbreaking now. kbai.

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