Selasa, 6 Julai 2010

Minggu Destini Siswa

this is going to be  a boring, picture-less, and short entry. Just so you guys know, i am getting okay with the environment. :) i mean, I am one of the lucky person to wake up in the morning and breath in fresh air. i am at the top of mountain ! :D

 but I do miss home a lot. mummy daddy, brothers, sisters and cousin.

 this place is a part of heaven and hell. so yeah. i barely understand their way of talking and but I met a bunch of cool people.

 that's all.

p.s Minggu Destini Siswa should be changed to MBS. Minggu Busuk Siswa. HAHA.

fine. bye.

nj siggy

1 ulasan:

  1. ewah2. baru je tukar jadi MDS tuh, dah nak tukar MBS. adoiii

    masa ktorg, Minggu mesra siswa ;P